Application range of led light band

author: MR li

Led Light Band is very wide range of applications, only can not do not think, I can only say about the application of the scope, as follows:
1, home decoration (ladder lighting, Hall corridor lighting, lighting decoration, Edge Hook Edge decoration) ;
2, the route indication and the external wall outline decoration, the billboard backlight illumination, the advertisement sign, the passage signal sign and so on
3, the Building Pavilion, the bridge, the Park Square and so on outline, the building body illuminates the decoration, each kind of indoor and outdoor illuminates the project;
4, the festival decorates, the activity scene, the exhibition hall decorates, the Exhibition Hall decorates, the display case, the shopwindow, the prop and so on application decorates the lighting;
5, the Automobile Chassis decorates, the high position brake instruction, the automobile body decorates, the vehicle interior decorates;
6, the hotel, bars, KTV, nightclubs and other high-end entertainment decoration lighting. Recommend the choice of photon lighting led light band, personalized custom, as you wish!